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None of my favourites’ performances were shown last night…The show focused on the groups surrounded by drama instead. Makes sense - I know.

Still, f****** annoying for the likes of me who don’t mind watching groups who understood working together and making it sound awesome.

Hopefully, it means they went to the solo round.

Wow… didn’t see that coming. Best of luck to Sydney Arterbridge and Jade Lathan. Looking forward to seeing them again next year if they sign up.

As predicted, there were new names that hadn’t been presented throughout the auditions, but so far, they haven’t changed my preferences drastically.

Crossing fingers for my remaining top favourites tonight:

Majesty Rose, Ryan Nisbett, Rachel Rolleri, Eric Wood, Ethan Thompson, T.K.Hash, Kerri Lynn Roche, Marrialle Sellars, Malcolm Allen, aaaand… Kenzie Hall.

Favourite 40 for Hollywood Week.

Still a few extra in the periferee. Perhaps some we didn’t get to hear in the auditions.

You never know ;)

The girl with the cat like walk :)
Best of luck tomorrow, Jade!

American Idol:

My top 10 favourites after 4 shows. Small potatoes mixed with sparkling new stars. So many likeable musicians.

Favourites # 11-40 is chaos. More to come, I’m sure :)


Stellar performance as always.

Jared as Rayon/Raymond in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’, 2013

Gorgeous boys. I love the longer hair for Ewan. My hope is he still needs it for his next filmrole after filming Mortdecai.

Ewan and Colin at Palm Springs Film Festival, Januar 4th 2014

and back in 2007 when they played brothers in ‘Cassandra’s Dream’

London, 2013. Glamoholic.com.

Pictures I made jigsaw puzzles of. Steals hours of my time but it’s fun.

Hugh and Mads in ‘King Arthur’, 2004

Hugh and Mads in *Hannibal’, 2013

omg what a line up!

Ewan, Rupert, Rufus, and Jude in Cannes 1997.

Upcoming British actors of 1997.



Mads and Lars Mikkelsen.
Made in Denmark ;)